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Agreement signed with Framtiden

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BuildX and the Croatian construction company Kamgrad have signed an agreement with Framtiden Byggutveckling to develop 76 apartments at Radiotorget in Gothenburg. In addition the parties have been awarded a project of 170 apartments in Torpa, Gothenburg.

– The tenders are in line with our calculations and meet our other requirements. I am very pleased with this cooperation as it is a result of our commitment to expanding the market in Gothenburg, a mission we have received from our board and which is in the city budget. In the long run, we hope that we will get foreign companies to establish themselves in the form of Swedish branches, says Anna Nordén, acting CEO of Framtiden byggutveckling AB, to GP.

Framtiden Byggutveckling AB is responsible for all new construction of rental units in the Future Group, one of the largest property owners in Sweden. The company’s mission is to build effectively with quality at reasonable prices. Framtiden Byggutveckling AB is a wholly owned company of the City of Gothenburg.

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