We put the pro in procurement.

Our mission is to open the Swedish construction market up to the rest of the world. We not only speak Swedish, we’re also fluent in the language of complexity. As a partner, you’ll have access to the technology and tools you need to participate, secure the deal and, ultimately, complete the project.

Mark of Approval

We work with our partners to guarantee they are approved to work within the Swedish housing market.


We handpick relevant tenders and adapt them to international standards — offering additional explanation and context when necessary.


We use market info to suggest the right price for materials, consultants and wages — making sure our partners receive the best prices and deals.


We create and supply designs for all phases of the project — architecture, HVAC, electricity, etc.

Helping Hands

We create the necessary organization needed to successfully submit and win tenders — as well as run the project after it's awarded.

Online Support

We provide modern IT infrastructure for managing and completing each project in the most efficient and successful way possible.

Join us in building
the future of building.

If you are interested in an ongoing tender procurement, please contact us. If you’re already a member, login to start the process.

The process doesn’t have to be complicated.


We work closely with you through the entire tendering process — helping you find, understand and ultimately secure a tender that’s right for you.

Includes: Access to Tenders, Adaptation, Tendering, Pricing


Our designers develop a concept, draw up the plans and provide you with everything you need to execute the project.

Includes: Concept Development, Design Services, Blueprints


We’re there for you from the beginning of construction to the end — providing you with knowledge, insights and everything else you need to succeed.

Includes: Project Management, Advice, Support

Welcome to a land of opportunity.

The housing need in Sweden

Sweden has the highest construction prices in the EU. But there simply aren’t enough Swedish builders to keep up with the housing demand. And the complex maze of requirements and restrictions has essentially created a closed system. We’re here to open it up.

Yearly Housing Need 100.000Apts
SWE Production Capacity 50.000Apts
Construction Price Levels

Turkey 37.4%
Croatia 50.7%
Portugal 54.8%
Poland 66.2%
Spain 71.3%
EU Mean 100%
Germany 130.6%
Sweden 163.5%

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