Telegrafen 12, Nynäshamn

Telegrafen 12 is a residential and commercial project for the municipality housing company Nynäshamnsbostäder. Nynäshamn is an archipelago city located 60 kilometres from Sweden’s rapidly expanding capital Stockholm. BuildX is working together with Pomgrad, one of Slovenia’s largest construction companies, to build 94 apartments as well as ground floor business space. The structure was designed by BuildX and is divided into three joint buildings with separate entrances.

The building is designed and built according to Miljöbyggnad Silver, “This is a clear statement that the construction company and the client is engaged in environmental issues and are considering the people that are going to reside in the building.” Telegrafen 12 is the first in in a series of buildings that will constitute a new borough in the expansive city.

Construction Date: February 2018
Contractor: Pomgrad