Every project that BuildX takes on starts with requirements. Together with the developer, we make sure that the right questions are asked, and that these questions can be answered as easily as possible throughout the project.

Setting the requirements with build2x


With our own platform build2x each discipline puts their specific requirements into the same common data environment, where all the needed information is easily accessed throughout the project.

Classification Starts Here

We believe that consistent classification is one of the most important factors of keeping mistakes and unnecessary costs at a minimum. Therefore we begin every project by defining BIM-compatible CoClass codes in the build2x platform that stay the same throughout the building’s life-cycle.

On our platform developers gain access to over 800 CoClass properties, so that they can be as clear with what they expect from contractors and designers as possible. And thus, since the collaborators use the same platform, no decision can be made without taking the developer’s requirements into consideration.

Solid Foundation

With the CoClass codes on our platform, we have set the structure of the information exchange throughout the whole life-cycle of the building. Therefore we are allowed to dive deeper into the progress of the building, starting with Technical Programming.