Kv Greken, Stockholm

Expiry of tender period:

1 Feb. 2019

Number of rental apartments:


Gross area:

11,273 sqm


Aktiebolaget Svenska Bostäder will build 95 new apartments and underground garage structures.

AB Svenska Bostäder is building three multi-family buildings, two with 9-10 floors, and one with 3-4 floors, with a total of 95 apartments. The contract includes an underground garage that connects two of the houses and a garage floor in the ground floor of 3rd house.


Björnsonsgatan, Blackeberg, Stockholm

Type of building:


Number of buildings:

3 buildings

Number of floors:

2 x 9-10 and 1 x 3-4 floors



Estimated value:


Type of procurement:

Public, according to LOU (Swedish Public Procurement Act)

Type of contract:

Design and Construct Contract, according to ABT 06

Commencement date:

Approx. 3-4 months after signatur of the contract

Completion date:

Nov. 2021

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