Selma 1, Göteborg

Invitation to tender:

14 Aug. 2018

Number of rental apartments:


Gross area:

27,000 sqm


Framtiden Byggutveckling AB will build 226 new apartments, commercial areas and a retirement home.

The project includes a new construction of 226 apartments, commercial areas and a retirement home, divided in blocks B, C, E, O and P, approximately 27,000 square meters BTA at Selma Lagerlöf square in the district of Hisings backa, Gothenburg. All apartments and the retirement home will be managed by Familjebostäder. The construction is divided into the following 3 stages, where stage 3 is an option. Stage 1: Building B1 and B2, Stage 2: Building C1, E1-E4, and an optional Stage 3: Building P1, O1 and O2 (Option).


Selma Lagerlöfs torg, Göteborg

Type of building:


Number of buildings:

9-10 buildings

Number of floors:

4-7 floors



Estimated value:


Type of procurement:

Public, according to LOU (Swedish Public Procurement Act)

Type of contract:

Design and Construct Contract, according to ABT 06

Expiry of tender period:

31 January 2019

Commencement date:

Approx. 3-4 months after signatur of the contract

Completion date:

End of November 2023

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