Build Twice

By BuildX

Build Twice by BuildX brings full control of the project to the real-estate developer. In Sweden the design and build contract has effectively blocked the incentives for BIM and skyrocketed the prices. We aim to change this by an easy to implement BIM process that doesn’t cost more than regular design.

Information Maximized BIM.

Through the 7 steps of our Build Twice concept, we maximize the information of all the dimensions of BIM to ensure that your project is in full control throughout its life-cycle.

The construction prices in Sweden have risen enormously, following the takeover of the design and build contract. Sweden now has the highest construction prices in the EU – up to three times the prices of some neighboring countries. To open up the market and bring project control to the real estate developer, we need to make the construction process transparent and rethink the procurement process.

Flattening the soaring construction prices with the Build Twice process.
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With our concept Build Twice, real estate developers gain:

– An easy to implement BIM process, integrated all the way through the project.

– All tools and manpower needed for extremely detailed design.

A low threshold for the project management to get started.

Full control over the BIM process and the project as a whole.

Quality assured drawings before production start.

Increased tender competition with full transparency.

Simplifying Construction.

Build Twice

The Steps

Our end-to-end integration consists of seven intuitive steps.

Requirements .1

At BuildX we recognize that every successful project starts by defining the right requirements. Our build2x platform ensures that the requirements from regulations, standards and the developer are crystal clear down to the element level and can be followed through a machine-readable code structure throughout the project.

Technical Programming & Modeling .2

After setting the requirements of the building, we define the preliminary technical solutions for the elements. The elements are coded according to the BSAB classification system and the AMA industry standard. All the information is then exported into a BIM model in Revit.

QTO & Cost Estimation .3

The BIM model is now used to take out the precise quantities according to AMA MER. With the detailed information, we produce easy to understand bidding packages. Together with the generic prices in the build2x platform, the quantities and the prices form the price estimation for the construction.

Project Design .4

In this step we increase the information and details of the model to complete the third dimension of BIM. National standards, AMA requirements and systems such as CoClass are incorporated.

Quality Assurance .5

To assure the quality of the construction and to minimize mistakes on the site we define the building into the minutest details. We use material property values, quantities, information from regulations and industry standards, as well as video instructions for installations. All works are attached to self-controls and inspections, that can be executed directly on site and create an issue when appropriate.

Project Simulation .6

With the highest level of information possible in the model, we can create time & cost simulations to optimize budget, purchases and logistics. We can also track the process with the fourth and fifth dimensions of BIM. By doing this we compare exactly how the project progresses in relation to the combined time and payment plan. This way the developer can get notified when an activity is at risk, if the project is not on time or if an item goes of budget.

Facility Management .7

With our 6D BIM model a digital twin of the building is created. For each element we will be able to see the attached information, the quantity, specifications and descriptions for maintenance. This allows a seamless track of maintenance of the building’s physical assets. Facility managers can plan scenarios, schedule maintenance for different time periods and coordinate facility renovation work easier than ever.